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Clarissa is a film based on the experiences of people trying access healthcare when experiencing homelessness. It was commissioned by the charity, Groundswell, and was funded by the Wellcome Trust. Research for the film was carried out by peer researchers for Groundswell, who collaborated with Writer, Chris Godwin, on the script development. The esteemed screenwriter Jimmy McGovern (Cracker, Time, Broken) worked as a story consultant. The film was initially rolled out in a series of online screenings – each focussing on a different region of the UK. According to the official evaluation 665 people attended these screenings. The evaluation also stated the film and rollout achieved its goals of:

  1. Helping NHS staff better understand the complexities of seeking healthcare when experiencing homelessness
  2. Helping people working in the homeless sector to engage with people when trying to navigate the health system

The evaluation concluded:

The data collected during our evaluation reflects the potential for the film to have a lasting impact on those that watch it, influencing them to reflect upon, and in some cases change their own practice.

The film was nominated for awards at the Birmingham Film Festival and the Golden Short Film Festival. It was also officially selected for the London Lift-Off film festival.

Warning the film explores themes of child sexual abuse.